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tv   [untitled]    July 5, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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understand with this charter amendment to address the situation of people through no fault of their own were effectively forced into city employment because of the dissolution of redevelopment in its historicalet iteration. so the amendment covers people who came into city employment between 2009 and 2012. i don't think that is the understanding and talking to local 21 that they -- the retirement -- the retiree medical coverage for people that came previously. that is all. >> supervisor campos, would you like to make a comment? >> sure. i certainly would like to hear from local 21 or from 1021. i mean i'm still not clear why we would need the amendment or
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the clarification. i am not sure. i mean i understand what you are saying. i just don't agree with the need for it. >> i think that everyone is agreement this is intended for employees at the redevelopment agency when it was dissolved by the state and those employees have to make the decision, i think by january 1st, 2015 of whether or not they are going to become city employee and take advantage of this change. that is the intent. i think we're all on the same page. that was our legal understanding and we thought the city attorney's understanding also. that is what we hope to do with this. >> mr. chair at this time i think it's best to move this forward and pass it out of choice. >> we won't be passing this out of committee today because of amendments.
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i'm sorry i missioned missed the comment? the way it is >> there is language in a says that the employee has to make the decision by january 1,2015 and this was learly for employees -- clearly that shows that they are not currently a city employee and this is for folks still in limbo that can make the transition now is our understanding. >> the charter amendment as currently drafted does not exactly reflect that. the charter amendment -- we could amend it to clarify that it is intended to cover
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employees who became city employee after february 1, 2012 afterthe redevelopment agency dissolved. >> we keep talking about 38. i don't think the redevelopment agency had 38 before. 2012 there was about 200. i think it's pretty narrow and it says "and/or" their option to be exercised by january, 2015. so i'm not sure if i am understanding micki your concern. >> through the chair. >> well first of all, let's don't debate what the number 38 is. the concern is with the language that is written now. is there a way to -- if it
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doesn't address micki's concern, how can we write it? >> can i interject something, because this is a little bit frustrating because i asked and met with and been working with the director of dhr since mid-may. and i have asked her to provide me an analysis of who would be covered and who wouldn't be covered? and she has never gotten back to to me this information and now in committee today said she doesn't have the information. it's hard to tailor language about that language doesn't exist and it's infair to the folks whose information that we do, that we stall this and don't move it forward. this is just really unfair to workers. >> supervisor campos. >> well, i'm not prepared to support what the department of
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human resources is proposing unless our partners in labor are in favor and given what supervisor cohen has said, the inability to provide timely response, i think we need to move forward. >> thank you. >> okay. so is there a motion to accept supervisor cohen's amendments as presented? >> so moved. >> okay. is there any objection? any objections? no. the amendments passed. do we have a motion to continue this item to the call of the chair? >> so moved. >> okay. no objection, so moved. thank you very much. madame clerk, item no. 7. >> 6. >> of. >> item no. 6 is the charter amendment for the november 4th,
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2014 election to adjust the required annual appropriation from the general fund to the transportation fund annually to reflect the population increases in san francisco. we're joined by supervisor wiener, would you like to make comments >> thank you, mr. chairman and to the committee for the opportunity to present this item today. i will describe -- i will describe this charter amendment and as with supervisor cohen i have an amendment to offer and i will ask the committee to adopt the amendment and continue the item to july 10th is the next rules committee hearing. colleagues, as you know, and we have had a lot of discussion in this building recently about the huge unfunded transportation needs in our city around public transportation and also around street safety.
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recently we completed the transportation 2030 task force convened by mayor lee; which was designed to come up with long-term funding solutions for our transportation system. currently the san francisco municipal railway has $2.2 billion in deferred maintenance and capital needs and that number is only growing. between now and 2040 we expect billions more in capital needs of muni, for which we have no identified source of funding. our population has grown by 85,000 people since 2003. we're projected to grow by another 150,000 people between now and 2040. just to be frank, muni is not keeping up with our population growth. this system is straining and has been straining for some
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time and not shown the capacity to actually absorb increased ridership. it's an aging system and muni's troubles will only get more severe over time as our population begins to grow. in addition, our streets in san francisco are getting more and more crowded. we have more traffic on our streets, more congestion. we have more people biking, we have more pedestrians the. we have more delivery vehicles. we have more traffic on our streets every day. it is critically important that we make investments now to expand muni's capacity and to improve our street safety not two years from now, not five, not ten years from now, now. the transportation task force identified three revenue measures to begin to fill the need, the unfunded needs of our transportation system. a
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general obligation bond and transportation-related sales tax for 2016. all three of these funding measures are critical. there are three legs of a stool in terms of moving us forward towards adequately funding our public transit system. colleagues as you know our general obligation bond is pending at the board for forwarding to the voters for november of this year. the vehicle license fee, unfortunately, has been delayed to 2016 due to some concerns expressed by the mayor's office, and so we agreed to delay the vlf by two years to 2016 instead of 2014. which leaves a $150 million two-year gap in our transportation-related needs,
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$150 million gap due to the two-year delay of the vlf. the mayor to his credit and this board or the budget committee at least have back-filled the road resurfacing portion that we expected to use the vlf for, $42 million a year. in terms of what the $33 million, that was recommended from the vlf to go to the mta for muni and for street safety, that has not been fully back-filled. the mayor proposed $7 million in additional funds for muni and $3 million for street safety, leaving more than a $20 million shortfall a year for the next two years in materials of terms of what the vlf would have provided and this charter amendment will introduce a basic and
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commonsense into muni funding calculations, as your population grows the mta's funding should correspondingly go up, because we know with increased population, as i mentioned, we have increased strain on muni and on our streets. in year 1, in other words, next july 1st of 2015, the charter amendment would reach back ten years and given that our population has been growing for a little more than ten years we would see muni's baseline increase based on ten years' of population growth. that would amount to an additionally $11 million more or less for next year's fiscal year, coincidentally that is also the gap we're experiencing because of the vlf delay. it would be divided for muni to
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increase reliability, and capacity and state of good repair and 25% for street measures. after fiscal year 15-16, by population growth a year. colleagues today i'm offering an amendment to the charter amendment as follows: it would basically provide -- make this charter amendment effectively a bridge until we can pass the vlf. and what it will do is say that after two years, to it will be in effect two fiscal year, 15-16 and 16-1 and then at the end of that two-year period, the mayor will have the option, if the vlf passes of canceling this charter amendment. so this charter amendment would then sunset, and the vlf would come in and take its place. so we'll be able to start these
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critical investments now and not have to wait two years and colleagues given the strong revenue growth we have been experiencing, now is the time to make these long-term, smart investments. colleagues, you have received -- we have passed around letters and have gotten strong support for the measure. the sierra club has endorsed it. the transit riders union and walk san francisco have also endorsed. it the san francisco bicycle coalition will be taking up the measure and i see they are here to speak and i colleagues i ask for your support and today i'm simply asking that the committee adopt the amendments that i have circulated and continue the item to july 10th. thank you very much. >> thank you, supervisor wiener. mr. rosenfield, did you have a report on this? >> i do, supervisor. you should have a copy of our
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draft analysis letter in front of you. i also have copies for the members of the public, if they are interested. as supervisor wiener described the ballot measure furtherly indices the muni baseline between general and discretionary revenues to also add on adjustment to neither daytime or night-time population. does it in two years, one is a retroactivity 10-year catch-up. that population growth we calculate to be approximately 8% during that ten-year period. growing the muni baseline by 8%, equates to approximately 22 million dollars in general fund costs that would begin in fiscal year 15-16 and continue after that. additionally, through the addition of population growth above and beyond tax revenue
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growth, the baseline calculation in the future, we can expect marginally higher growth in the muni baseline into the future after that one-time catch-up of approximately $1.5 million annually. and that is using what we have seen on average during the 20 last years in terms of population growth in the city. >> what impact does that have for other set-asides? >> there is no impact, i think supervisor yee you are referencing here kind of interaction that we had with the children's fund and other baselines? this case, because this is a baseline and not a set-aside, it doesn't further dedicate revenue. its what no effect on the other baselines. the full impact of the increase we're talking about here falls on the general fund itself. >> on the general funds? >> correct. >> i guess the other question
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that i had about this would be that do we have any similar indexing for other set-asides? >> supervisor, we do -- there are a couple other places where the voters created maintenance of effort requirements or a certain number of fire stations, certain number of fire engineers, a certain number of police officers that speak to expenditure-side requirements. on the revenue-side, though, no. generally speaking, our baselines work as a function of overall discretionary general fund revenues as those revenues rise, the baseline amounts rise by the same proportion. as revenues decline, the baselines decline. so this would be a new feature to a voter-adopted baseline. >> thank you.
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any other comments? seeing none, any public comments on this matter? >> good afternoon, supervisors. john rizzo, speaking for the sierra club and we strongly support this measure, and urge you to place it on the ballot. muni in a sense is an unfunded mandate. we must have a transit system. it's the circulatory system of the city, but it is unfunded going forward. and even today there are tens of millions of dollars of deferred maintenance and the system is overcrowded, and it is resulting in more people driving than ever. people abandoned the muni system, they have to drive to where they are going ontime and it puts more carbon into the
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air and makes our streets more crowded. we definitely need more funding. this is just a small bandaid, but it does stop some of the bleeding. it's entirely fair because as population increases the buss and trains are used more and more. this is fair, common sense and we urge you to enable the voters to vote on it. thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon again, supervisor my name isleaf with the san francisco bicycle coalition and i want to preface my comments that our board has not yet taken an official position on this perspective measure. we're encouraged to see efforts to better fund san francisco's transportation needs. i can't overemphasizethy i am sure i have tried at hearings to talk about the importance of
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that funding gap due to the vehicle license fee not moving forward to the voters. millions of dollars that our city planned to use for safe walking and bicycling conditions and we know you support that. i want to highlight after housing, transportation costs are the second highest for most citizens in san francisco. this hits low-income families even harder. a higher percentage of low-income households spend money on transportation second after housing. so i think it's even more important that we think about the timeliness of investing in reliability, effective transit and safe streets. we're asking that you look forward to every funding possibility that makes sense and we think this does. thanks. >> is there any more public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. do we have a motion to accept these amendments as presented by supervisor wiener? >> so moved. >> okay. any objection? >> seeing none, motion passes. we have a motion to continue
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this item to the call of the chair. >> so moved. >> any objection? none. it passes. >> supervisor wiener? >> i wasn't here earlier in the meeting. in terms of continue to the call of the chair as opposed to date-certain, is there a reason why we can't continue it to july 10th, the next meeting? >> he needs to juggle -- [inaudible] >> i am respectful of the chair's ability to manage the agenda, given that we have various charter amendments. i believe that the last date to -- it has to sit one week at the board and then july 22, i believe is the last date and then only one can be heard as a late charter amendment on july 29th, is that right mr. givner? >> that is right. >> my question is that it's heard on the 10, so we're not jammed up with charter amendments and have the maximum
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flexibility as a board. >> i will take your request into consideration. as i talked to you before, we'll try our best to juggle it in there. as you have already said, there seems to be a lot of charter amendments coming through the pipes and we'll get it all through regardless. so if we have to have rules committee every day. >> okay. i just -- i made my point, i just want to make sure we don't get into a situation that we have a bunch of charter amendments that we have more than one that needs to happen by the 29th, because we're not allowed to that. >> okay. >> my request is to agendaize it to the 10th and as can you see it's not a massive public comment kind of situation, awn it's something had a won't take an enormous amount of the committee's time. i appreciate your consideration.
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>> okay. madame clerk is there anything else on the agenda? >> just is to clarify, we're continuing this to the call of the chair? >> yes. >> yes. >> that concludes our business for today. >> okay. the meeting is adjourned. [ gavel ]welcome to the june 30 special meeting of the san francisco municipal transportation agency board of directors and parking authority commission.
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am i [speaker not understood], please [speaker not understood]. >> director reid? reid present. director nolan? nolan present. director rubke? director ramos is expected and director heinicke is absent with notification. >> thank you. >> item 3, announcement of prohibition of sound producing devices during the meeting. please be advised that the ringing of and use of cell phones, pagers and other similar sound-producing electronic devices are prohibited at the meeting. any person responsible for one going off may be asked to leave the room. please be advised that cell phones that are set on vibrate do cause microphone interference, so, the board respectfully requests that they be placed in the off position. item 4, communications. >> do we have any? >> i have none. >> okay, thank you. item 5. >> discussion of votes to conduct a closed session. >> motion? >> motion. >> motion. >> second? >> all
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>> we are back in open session now. >> item 9, announcement of closed session. the board of directors net closed session to discuss negotiationseses but took no action. item 10, motion to disclose or not disclose information discussed. >> move not to disclose. >> second. >> any further discussion, all in favor say aye. >> aye. >> ayeses have it, so ordered. okay. >> item 11, introduction of new or unfinished business by board members. >> members of the board? nothing, okay. director's report. mr. reiskin? >> thank you, good morning, mr. chair, members of the board, members of the staff and public. some i think good news to report today. we're in a very different situation than we were i guess it was six days ago when this board last met with regard to our labor negotiations. i'm happy to report that with
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support and assistance of mayor lee that we were able to bring mayor willie brown into the process to mediate within the city's charter collective bargaining process an agreement with the transport workers union local 250 a for both contracts, the one for the transit operators as well as for the transit fare inspectors. the details of these agreements will be sunshined today. they will be made available to the public by the end of the day, but the agreements for these two contracts are positive, were agreed to by both parties, by management and labor through the good work of mayor brown to get us to this point. so, we're very happy to be able to be making these available for the public and for your consideration today. the union then will have an
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opportunity to vote to consider these. that vote, as i understand, is scheduled for july 7th and we hope to be bringing you those agreements for your approval at your july 15th meeting. therefore, in your -- on your regular calendar, what is on the agenda is a recommendation for you to reject the previously sunshined labor agreements. you recall that we sun shined agreements for these two bargaining units june 13th reflecting where we had left off in the previous mediation process. so, in order for you to both extend the time to consider a new contract as well as to really get those old ones off the table, that's what the regular calendar item are for. so, again, we're extremely grateful to be at this point, extremely grateful for mayor brown's work to mediate an agreement that is agreeable to both parties. i look forward to the union's
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vote and hopefully have two item to bring to you at your july 15th meeting. so, that's all i have to report. this is the -- it is in this meet thattion we are officially sun shining those agreements and i'd be happy to answer any questions. >> thank you, director reiskin. ed, thanks to the staff that work with mayor brown on it. those were difficult negotiations. did abexcellent job with the city attorney's office. appreciate all the work that everybody put in ~. >> yeah, thank you for that. there were numerous staff mta staff, city attorney's office, also department of human resources, city h.r. folk came together and everybody working together under mayor brown's leadership and with mayor lee's support to get to us this point. >> members of the board, questions or comments? seeing none, members of the public, anyone care to address the board on this subject? >> no speaker cards. >> okay, thank you. next item. >> item 10, consent calendar -- excuse me, item 13.
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all matter are considered to be routine and will be acted on on a single vote. >> is there a motion on the consent calendar. >> motion to approve. >> any second? >> second. >> any discussion? all in favor aye. >> aye. >> ayes have it. item 15. >> rejecting the tentative agreement with transport workers union, local 250-1 (9163 transit operators) and extending the date for final adoption of a memorandum of understanding. >> we can take both of these together, can't we? and 16. >> rejecting the tentative agreement with transport workers union, local 250-1 (9132 transit fare inspectors) and extending the date for final adoption of a memorandum of understanding. >> motion? >> motion to approve. >> second. >> any further discussion? all in favor say aye. >> aye. >> that motion carries. okay, thank you, we are adjourned. [adjourned]
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>> good afternoon. welcome to the san francisco full board of supervisors